Regulatory Requirements

ACPHARM Regulatory Requirements

As the dispensing pharmacy, ACPHARM is required to meet a number of regulatory obligations.

  1. Compounding is to be carried out under the compounding guidelines as set down by the NSW and Federal regulatory bodies.
  2. ACPHARM is required to maintain a record of the patient’s medications, medical conditions and allergies.
  3. ACPHARM is required to dispense medicines as per state and national guidelines.

Affiliate Compounder Regulatory Requirements

The affiliate compounder program operates under the scrutiny of state and national regulatory bodies.  ACPHARM has been operating this program since 2004, and under the guidance of the Pharmacy Council of NSW our affiliate compounder program has developed into what you see today. As such, there are a few things you are required to do:

  1. Collect data about the patient’s medical history, medicines and allergies, and forward to the dispensing pharmacy.
  2. Gain patient’s written consent to act as a collection point for medicines dispensed, and forward to the dispensing pharmacy.
  3. Forward the original prescription to the dispensing pharmacy with the above information prior to medicines being dispensed.