Outsource Compounding Facility


The concept of outsourcing compounding is not new – not only have we been doing it at ACPHARM since 2004 – but it is the way most compounding is carried out in England.

Outsource compounding facilities, referred to as “Specials Labs,” are facilities that carry out compounding only under GMP conditions.  When a doctor writes a prescription for a product not commercially available, the pharmacy sends the order to the Specials Lab that compounds the product and returns it for patient pick up to the pharmacy.

ACPHARM Compounding Services works in the same way.

As we are a compounding-only facility, we accept compounding prescriptions only, and do not attempt to compete with your retail pharmacy.

As Australia’s only PCAB registered facility, ACPHARM enjoys independent auditing of its processes to ensure compliance to USP(797) – an accepted level of GMP.

The Australian compounding market is rife with compounding pharmacies.  However, as state and federal regulations strengthen to compete with industry growth, more and more are finding it difficult to comply.

If you are receiving compounding prescriptions and do not offer the service (or if you are compounding but do not offer sterile products), send those prescriptions to ACPHARM for us to prepare a tested formula that complies to Australian regulations.  We will return the product to your pharmacy for patient pick up – thus ensuring that you, their pharmacist, can continue to maintain that ever-important pharmacist-patient relationship that you have nurtured for all that time.

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to offer compounding in your pharmacy.