A word from PCNSW


This month, the Pharmacy Council of NSW published a notice regarding compounding pharmacies producing medicines for other pharmacies. Perhaps it was in response to our recent advertorial in Australian Pharmacist, which can be found here: More pharmacies are turning to compounding, but what is the true cost of business? The unedited text from PCNSW is […]

Outsource Compounding Facility


The concept of outsourcing compounding is not new – not only have we been doing it at ACPHARM since 2004 – but it is the way most compounding is carried out in England. Outsource compounding facilities, referred to as “Specials Labs,” are facilities that carry out compounding only under GMP conditions.  When a doctor writes […]

More pharmacies are turning to compounding, but what is the true cost of business?


Ever-increasing regulatory standards for Australian compounding pharmacies Complex compounding has evolved in Australia at an exponential speed. Not surprisingly, there has been an alarming increase in the number of cases involving complex compounding coming before pharmacy regulators. The main concern is the risk to patient safety and the lack of training and understanding of the […]

ACP Response MBA Public Consultation


Dear Members My name is Daryll Knowles, I am the owner of Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals, one of Australia’s largest compounding pharmacies. I have been practising compounding for over 30 years and my facility is a recognized education site for University students and Compounding pharmacist training. It is only through thorough dialogue and understanding of all […]

Why is Compounding Pharmacy growing in Australia?


Matt Chalmers When I started in this industry in 2002, there were just 12 compounding pharmacies in Australia. Today, there are over 500 compounding pharmacies that will make and dispense medicines by doctor’s prescription and patient order. There are a number of reasons for this rise, however there are two major contributors that, above all […]