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Compounding with confidence

What is Compounding with Confidence?

At ACP we have:

  • Over 90 years combined compounding pharmacy experience
  • Labs dedicated to individual dose forms and products
  • In-house Testing of incoming raw-materials
  • Raw materials sourced from GMP-Standard Manufacturers
  • A formulary of over 1,600 products developed IN-HOUSE
  • Validated mixing techniques
  • A fully integrated analytical laboratory
  • NATA Certified Equipment


Like all compounders, when we started our information-handling was rudimentary at best. We needed a better way to handle our orders and compounding systems to ensure the highest quality products combined with the best service and most accurate information.

We set out to achieve this and developed the ACP Efficient Dispensing System (EDS).  

Our EDS has been totally optimised for the complete compounding pharmacy, and has often been lauded as the best top-down system seen by all of our visiting pharmacists.

It is a huge investment, as this simply did not exist anywhere in the world, prior to our development.

Today, our pharmacy incorporates our EDS into everything we do.

  • Takes orders
  • Calculates formulas
  • Keeps formulary
  • Processes payments
  • Monitors delivery
  • Applies batch numbers to raw materials
  • Complete recall system

The combination of our experience, investment in technology and EDS system is what we call “Compounding with Confidence”.