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Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals uses advances technology to provide patients with the highest quality custom compounded products possible. We purchase each pharmaceutical ingredient from only the most reputable manufacturers ensuring they adhere to the US Pharmacopeia & British Pharmacopeia – world standards for quality pharmaceutical ingredients. We continually check the purity, quality and accuracy of our production of pharmaceutical, vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements to ensure a high quality solution for the patient.

Many pharmaceuticals and supplements include excipients and fillers that cause problems to patients with hypersensitivities. With ACPHARM custom compounded medications, patients get the exact therapy they need, made with the highest quality ingredients without any allergens. It is truly customized medication.

We cultivate innovative methods and actively investigate the latest literature for information on new formulations. We support breakthrough research and are leaders in adopting first market dose forms and important new therapies. At ACPHARM, we foster a creative attitude and provide training in the most up-to-date science and techniques enabling us to search out and deliver solutions.

ACPHARM is one of the few compounding pharmacies that serve patients nationally. For convenience and to ensure the preservation of quality products, orders are always shipped for overnight delivery direct to the patient through a secure courier service.

ACPHARM provides innovative solutions and flexibility to the practice of medicine and sets the standard for compounding pharmacies.

ACPHARM operates under “best practice” principles. We have, over 15 years, developed a series of standard operating procedures. Our operating procedures containing multiple ‘double-checks’ to assure the accuracy and traceability of prescriptions.

Examples of the ACPHARM operating procedures to ensure a standard of excellence in compounding are:

Checking of incoming raw materials Certificate of Analysis to ensure they are correct in the type and quality.
Colour coding of capsules to identify medication type and strength. This is particularly helpful for patient counselling.
Each prescription has its own production worksheet for audit trail. A trained pharmacist checks the ingredients and calculations.
All raw materials are checked and weighed when compounded, stored separately in their own-labelled container to ensure the right ingredients are used each time.

After the medication is individually made the pharmacist checks once again that the prescription is exactly what the doctor has prescribed for the individual patient.

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As Australia’s favourite compounding pharmacy, we have produced over 35 million doses of compounded medicines.

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What is compounding

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Giving you confidence as a prescriber in a world of Compounded Medication.


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