Why use ACPHARM?

There are a few reasons why you should consider using ACPHARM to supply compounding to your patients.

  1. PCAB Accreditation.
  2. Long History in Pharmaceutical Compounding.
  3. Years of Supplying Pharmacies Across Australia.
  4. Pharmacy Regulator Tick.
  5. ACPHARM has no retail presence and no NHS license.

PCAB Accreditation

There is a detailed explanation of our PCAB status here.

In summary, in 2019 ACPHARM became the first compounding pharmacy in Australia to be independently audited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) for compliance to USP(797). This means that ACPHARM is the only pharmacy in Australia currently independently guaranteed to be fully compliant to the relevant state and federal regulations.

PCAB status means that when you are dispensed compounded products from ACPHARM, you can be sure that your product meets regulatory requirements for potency, stability and sterility (where applicable).

Long History in Pharmaceutical Compounding.

ACPHARM’s proprietor – Daryll Knowles – has been compounding medicines since 1985, and believes is one of, if not the, longest serving compounding pharmacist in Australia.  ACPHARM itself has been in operation since 2003, certainly one of the longest-running compounding-only concerns in Australia.

Years of Supplying Pharmacies Across Australia.

In 2004, a pharmacy in a regional NSW area was losing patients to their local competition who had begun compounding.  The owner approached ACPHARM to ask about outsourcing the compounding scripts he was receiving to ACPHARM, to be dispensed and sent to his pharmacy where his long-standing patients could collect their product/s.  We began dispensing those scripts and expanded that service, adding more and more pharmacies across Australia.  Today, we have serviced the compounding needs of over 400 pharmacies – a list that continues to grow.

Pharmacy Regulator Tick.

Not long after we began servicing pharmacies and their patients, the pharmacy regulator visited to know more about the outsourcing program.  They left satisfied because:

  1. There is an opportunity for the patient to be counselled face-to-face.
  2. The product is being made and dispensed in a dedicated compounding facility.

As such, after the regulatory visit, ACPHARM continued to not only supply the current pharmacies – but expand the service.

ACPHARM has no retail presence and no NHS license.

ACPHARM is a dedicated compounding facility.  Whilst we are a registered pharmacy, we do not stock retail items, nor do we have an NHS license.  This gives peace of mind for our Compounding Affiliate Pharmacies that their patient is and shall always remain their patient.