Why become a Compounding Affiliate?

As patients become more involved in their care, and doctors begin expanding their repertoire for treatments, compounding has grown exponentially.

Pharmacies have incorporated compounding into their practice across the country.  For most, it is a genuine interest in the practice and for others, they feel, it is necessary to keep up with their local competition. However, the cost outlay and regulations can be prohibitive to many pharmacists engaging in compounding – who then risk losing patients.

Becoming an ACPHARM Compounding Affiliate secures your pharmacy by allowing you to offer compounding, whilst maintaining the relationship with your patients.  Who better to counsel the patient – face-to-face, than their local pharmacist, whom they have been visiting for long periods, than you, their trusted pharmacist?

Compounding Affiliates can offer the patient an opportunity for face-to-face counselling as well as an easy pick-up location for their medicines – all while keeping that patient for their other listed and registered medicines needs.