Affiliate Program

The ACPHARM Compounding Affiliate Program enables community pharmacies Australia-wide to offer compounded prescriptions from their premises, without losing that patient for all of their other prescriptions.

Often, pharmacy-owners feel compelled to invest large sums of time and money into a facility, just because a near-by competitor has begun compounding in their pharmacy. Often, sending that patient to a local rival will result in that patient relocating their prescription and retail pharmacy requirements wholly to that compounder.

Outsource your compounding scripts to us at ACPHARM and you can be sure that:

  • The product is made in a registered, Australian compounding pharmacy.
  • The product is made under the strictest conditions offered by a PCAB Accredited pharmacy.
  • The product can be shipped to your pharmacy for patient pickup.
  • The product is made from independently tested raw materials of the highest available quality.

How does ACPHARM guarantee that your patient remains with you?

We have serviced over 400 pharmacies across the country with our Affiliate Compounder Program since 2004.  We are a compounding-only pharmacy.  We have no front of shop and no NHS license.  ACPHARM is a true compounding pharmacy, ready to service your medical and business needs.