Change Rooms for Staff: Another Safety Measure

As our compounding technicians and pharmacists enter the pharmacy to start their day, their first task is to enter the change room and prepare their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

As you can see, we have employed different levels of dress for the different levels of personnel – just like any other large pharmaceutical producer. All ACPHARM compounding technicians and pharmacists are required to be dressed at the third level you see here, at all times, as a minimum, regardless of their activities in the compounding lab.

These large change rooms were not prepared overnight, and are in fact a requirement for any pharmacy preparing compounded medicines to the same ACPHARM standard.

As we lay out more ways that ACPHARM protects its staff and patients, it becomes clear that ACPHARM has always been prepared for these strange circumstances. We will continue to produce high quality compounded medicines delivered to our patients’ door.


Increasing numbers of doctors consulting remotely

As we move toward greater isolation and restriction, our customer-service staff and pharmacists are hearing more about Practitioners practicing from home using remote consultation: telephone and video consults.

We recognise that this is a huge difference to the norm, and have responded with some new processes designed to streamline sending prescriptions from remote locations, and delivering the dispensed medicines in a timely fashion.

Practitioners can now upload prescription images to us directly, via our website. From there, we will contact the patient directly to arrange all of the delivery details.

We also can offer Reply Paid envelopes send directly to the practitioner, so that they can easily send the original prescription, as required by law.

As always, we can then deliver directly to the specified address by traceable, overnight courier so that the patient does not have to leave their isolation, ensuring individual and community safety.


Packages are being dispensed as normal

As at today – Wednesday 25th March – our packages are still being dispensed and picked-up as normal.

It feels like ACPHARM has always been ready for COVID-19:

  • Being the largest compounding pharmacy in Australia means we keep large amounts of raw materials on hand at all times.
  • Offering to-you-door delivery (or an address of your choosing) means that you do not have to break isolation protocols to receive your compounded medicines.
  • Our PCAB Accreditation (the only sterile pharmacy to-date in Australia to recieve it) means that our staff are across the protocols required for minimising contamination risk.
Just some of today’s packages dispensed and ready for the courier!


ANNOUNCING Driveway Service

As of today, ACPHARM now offers driveway service to all of our nearby-patients who choose to drop-off their prescriptions and/or pick up their orders.

Just follow the instructions on the sign in the window.

This is just another part of our COVID-19 strategy, which is aimed at keeping our staff healthy to ensure ongoing medicine production throughout this unusual time.

Rebecca, Head of Customer Service, just after taking an order via driveway service.


Since the beginning of this unusual health event, ACPHARM has been prepared in a number of ways to:

  • Mitigate infection risk among employees.
  • Mitigate infection risk for our patients.
  • Minimise interruption to supply.
  • Meet a number of new requirements caused by shortage.

Mitigating infection risk among employees

As a compounding pharmacy, we are well equipped to handle protocols for reducing infection and transmission risk in our workplace. Hand washing is of course important, as is hand sanitizer – something we can make on the premises to ensure we never run out.

We have reduced face-to-face meetings to only those that are of vital importance, and staff that are able to work from home in their roles are doing so.

Finally, our status as a PCAB-audited Sterile pharmacy means that – unlike other pharmacies – our staff are well-versed in techniques designed to keep our products sterile and safe – skills that are easily transferred to the internal management of COVID-19.

Mitigating infection risk for patients

As we are Australia’s only externally audited sterile compounding pharmacy, we are already well-placed to minimise the infection risk through our normal procedures. Our status as a PCAB-audited facility means that our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are fully gowned and masked at all times in the compounding lab – thereby drastically minimising the risk of infection being passed between staff and onto patients. No other support staff may enter the laboratories at any time – this limit on who actually has access to the lab and to touching our dispensed products results in far superior safety levels for our patients.

Finally, all incoming air to all of our laboratories is treated by High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filters, and the air is completely changed over up to 20+ times per hour!

Minimising interruption to supply

It would appear that panic-buying is not limited to toilet paper only – many compounding pharmacies and even wholesalers claiming their shelves have been picked-clean of goods.

ACPHARM has maintained a high-level of raw materials that should be able to see us through this time.

Meeting a number of new requirements caused by shortages

We have been receiving requests for a number of products that are now in shortage and have been working diligently to try and fill those requirements to help do our bit in keeping our patients – and the community – happy.

Most importantly!

As Australia’s largest compounding pharmacy, we service nationwide and will continue to do so at this time. Our patients enjoy an added degree of service during a time of social isolation due to our distrubution network – setup to minimise risk by delivering safely to your door.

If you would like to get a get a quote on your compounded product, click here to submit your prescription or pharmacy label, and one of our staff will contact you.